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Her rack is absolutely perfect.

Man I'm tired of these little kiddies that can't tell the difference between fake and real breasts and insist on calling obviously fake breasts or basically, any big round breasts "perfect".

Aguilera has fake tits, there is a inch or two gap between the left and right breasts, the shape is a perfectly round which also makes it look fake and unrealistic. i don't get how certain guys still love that fake pamela anderson look. Look at those Scarlett Johansson pics above, those are natural breasts, they're not perfectly round, and there aren't no two inch gap between each tit. Naturally big beats fake round big ones anyday, in terms of look or feel, natural ones win out. I can't believe how many people can't tell the difference. Or maybe they can, but they just PREFER the fake round ones.

For example, Carmen Electra/Pam Anderson, their tits are fake, too round, too stiff, too much space between the tit, they don't look NEARLY as good as the natural ones of Salma Hayek or Scarlett, but some guys out there will disagree... why? I do not know.

So bottom line, Aguilera's tits are FAR from perfect.

there, natural ones, see? not so round and stiff in the "ball planted on chest" look, sags a little and the cleavage curls close together without that "two inches between " look that most fake ones have.

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