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Originally Posted by bruzzes
I agree...Hughes has got to be given some time to develop a rhythm with the team. He is a very good player with the ability to slash to the basket. (but look out for Shannon Brown)

What I am most dissappointed is his poor shot selection and career shooting percentage. He also frequently fails to finish when going to the basket. Wasted oppurtunities can kill a team. His trading value can only go down with the development of Brown. Of course, Brown is not yet ready for a starting role with the team. Perhaps in mid-season we might get someone for him. (Hughes)

I still wish we could get a young backup Center like Ellson.

Yea i think hughes has a very bad shot selection...his stats are kind of deceiving because he takes too many shots...i think the cavs felt like they needed to make a big sign to please lebron so they signed hughes even though he isnt a player that complements bron as much as a pure shooter in ray allen and michael redd would...i really thought redd would sign with them and i think he would be great with lebron....but i really think hughes is overrated...hes a solid combo guard but he has been injure prone his whole career and hes not a staedy scorer...shannon brown will eventually take his spot...i think its a steal for the cavs to have gotten him
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