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Default Re: Answer These NFL Questions

Originally Posted by Sagat
Obviously, Chris Henry's absence is not a positive thing in terms of on the field productivity... however... maybe we're giving too much credit to Henry here for his recent success and not so much Palmer. IMO, Palmer (like Manning) has the ability to make mediocre at best wide outs into standout players. It's Palmer, and not so much being blessed with god's greatest receivers.

No we're not giving too much credit to Henry. He is a poor man Randy Moss. Kid got talent and if anything his TD's were a direct result of being the 3rd WR with Chad and TJ. THe thing is you believe Carson can turn the #3 WR who replaces Henry's absense for 8gms and be productive courtest of Carsons arm. I dont think so.

If Carson had all his weapons then it would be a nice argument. But since he doesnt...i dont see how he could out throw Manning for more TDs when Manning has all his weapons.

Heck Brees and Bulger got some TD throwers...a better question would be out of Carson, Drew, Marc who will be the runner up to Manning.
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