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Default Re: Who will be the first Filipino to play in the NBA

Originally Posted by snipes12
NBA? national bowling association
replacing paeng nepomuceno (greatest bowling player in the world)

common men .. isnt bowling , boxing and billiards are enough for us ?

we still have
Efren reyes = goat of billiards
Paeng nepumoceno = goat of bowling
Manny Pacquiao = goat in the making in the lower weight division

He has the best chance. He is 6'9 atheletic and long. That's what NBA scouts look for. If he can developes into a small forward type at WKU, has a great couple of years statistically, performs well in the NCAA tourney, has good NBA workouts and does well in the NBA predraft camp. NBA is not just about talent it's about marketing. If he gets a great agent that can sell him! He'll have a legitmate chance of getting drafted. Put it this way... I've seen worse in the NBA.
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