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Originally Posted by AndDru1
Doc is a better coach, and I don't know if it's the same GM who made the following moves but if so, he's no good.

Traded MCcgrady away, signed an injured grant hill, then traded the Cat away, then the Franchise, what did you get out of that trade again, Granted getting Howard over Okafor is a good move, but seems to me, this guy has gotten rid of legitamate NBA talent and brought in a bunch of unprovens. I like the potential, but unless they're trying to rebuild, this guy sucks.

You're a moron, first of all this was 3 different GM's. Secondly, when Grant Hill was "the" available free agent, nobody knew his ankle was bum, every team in the league would have made that deal. Next, Tracy wanted to leave, yes the GM in charge was one of the worst in the history of the NBA, but he has long since been fired. The GM that is in place now has gotten rid of The Franchise which is the best thing that could of happened for this team. As for what did we get? Only Penny Hardaway's expiring contract to have a ton of cap room next summer. The Franchise was a Poison as the Knicks fans are finding out as we speak. And yes the goal was rebuilding after Tracy, you're a douche.
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