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Default Re: The Official Team of the 70's

Two leagues merged and while NBA kept it's name, it wasn't the same league anymore.
two leagues merged because the aba was falling apart. it had a total of 9 teams before the merge, and 3 of those 9 teams failed to make the regulation 84 games.
And in head-to-head comparison, the teams that originated from ABA did better than the original NBA teams in the first year after the merge and therefore saying that ABA was weaker is just believing the NBA probaganda
thats funny, considering the new york nets of the aba went 22-60 the following season (worst in the nba) after going 55-29 in the aba the previous year, the denver nuggets went 50-32 after going 60-24, the san antonio spurs went 44-38 after going 50-34, and the indiana pacers went 36-46 after going 39-45.
Willis Reed > Dave Cowens or Bob Lanier
reed had one good season, and two good playoff runs. frazier should've won finals mvp in '73. out of 410 possible regular season games reed played 253 in the '70's, or just over 3 full seasons. cowens and lanier both played 9 seasons. lanier led his team to 2 western conference semifinals, had his best season in 1974 when when he played 81 games, averaged 22.5p, 13.3r, 4.2a, 1.4s, and 3b(4th) per game while leading his team to a 52-30 record and being third in efficiency and being the best defensive player in the game. this year he was also a top 3 player, second in the running for most valuable player, and should've been all-nba second team.
cowens was the best player on 2 championship teams, had his best year in 1973 when he played in all 82 games, averaged 20.5p, 16.2r(3rd), and 4.1a per game while leading the celtics to the second greatest record in nba history at that time, cowens was a top 3 overall player, named to the second team all-nba, and won league mvp.

these two players are easily more deserving than reed for a spot on the team
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