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Default Re: The Official Team of the 70's

Originally Posted by Shep
two leagues merged because the aba was falling apart. it had a total of 9 teams before the merge, and 3 of those 9 teams failed to make the regulation 84 games.

thats funny, considering the new york nets of the aba went 22-60 the following season (worst in the nba) after going 55-29 in the aba the previous year, the denver nuggets went 50-32 after going 60-24, the san antonio spurs went 44-38 after going 50-34, and the indiana pacers went 36-46 after going 39-45.

Ok, it was my memory that wasn't working. I thought the overall winning % of ABA teams was more than 50%. But even with the average winning percent of over 46%, the ABA teams did quite ok in NBA, and 2 out of 4 won more than lost and made the playoffs. Take the Nets who lost Dr J and their second best player Brian Taylor out of the equation, and all former ABA teams did actually really well.

Of course the reason for the merge was because ABA was falling apart, but that doesn't mean the level of play in ABA was weak. Yes, the last season was a catastrophe, but it was only the last season.
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