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This upcoming season should be interesting. Despite my skepticism of Harrington, I think acquiring him is a good move and will improve the Pacers. Our acquisitions this summer definitely seem to be leading to the "faster, more athletic" team Bird wants. We're definitely back in the playoffs, and our division may very well be up for grabs. To me, there are two big questions after this deal (other than what we shipped out for Al):

What other moves will the Pacers try to make with the rest of the off season?

Is Rick Carlisle the right coach for this team and this style of play?

For the first question, I think the Pacers could still ship out some of our remaining guys to help us get another player who would really fit in our new up tempo style. For the second, I think that Carlisle is a very good coach, don't get me wrong. He was the sole bright spot for this team after the brawl, and I do not think that anyone who has ever coached basketball could have done a better job. However, Rick is more of a defense first, run the half court offense type of coach. If Bird really wants to make this a running team, Rick will have to really change his style and gameplans. Add to this that in the past Bird has said that teams start to tune out coaches after 3 seasons or so, and I think that Carlisle could end up going.
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