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Default Re: Is this finally the year that T-Mac and Yao get out of the first round?

Originally Posted by bjtrdff
I don't know how you can say they don't have a PG when they have 4.....

Given the coaching change and added depth (James, Francis, Butler, Scola), yes, you would certainly think so. If it's not happening with this team and coach, I don't know when it will.

Francis and James are combo guards and Alston isn't a primary playmaker. With TMac and Yao on your team you need a pass first guy at the point. Someone like Williams or Nash... or on a more realistic level, Andre Miller. Guys like Scola and Battier are the perfect fit with Yao and TMac because they know there role and execute, but they are still missing that floor general to take them to the next level.
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