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Originally Posted by i seen hippos
Says the guy who said "Well gosh guys, I think I said like the most silliest thing to Mike Brown today in Sin City. Like I actually said you must hate San Antonio. Like how silly am I? C'mon guys, am I silly? I really want to know. Sometimes I think I'm too self conscious because like he probably talks to a lot of kids with down syndrome, right? I mean he was nice to think it was because I'm retarded??? Was he really being nice to me?.....Oh God, get a hold of yourself, mother said you won't get to watch Sailor Moon season 1 if you have another outburst....Oh and that hippos guy is like so not a ladies man like me. That's why they always be smiling at me. Did I mention I have down syndrome?"

Same kid.

Ahaha I guess this kind of has to do with the way you interpret things. If thats the way my other thread sounded then I apoligize because it was not meant to. I was simply sharing an experience I had with the board, thats kind of why the board is here for eh? And who looks like the ass here? Me or You? Probably not me....
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