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Default Re: Roster intact?

Roster as of now:

PG Damon Stoudemire (?) / Mike Conley / Kyle Lowry
SG Mike Miller / Juan Carlos Navarro / Tarence Kinsey
SF Rudy Gay / Casey Jacobsen
PF Pau Gasol / Hakim Warrick / Brian Cardinal
C Darko Milicic / Stromile Swift

Certainly looks better than last year.

Young yet promising crop of PG's, good shooters at the 2 & 3. Hopefully Gay is developing as advertised on the summer leagues. Hopefully Pau comes healthy and at full force with his buddy Navarro, and Warrick keeps delivering coming off the bench.

Depth at 5 is certainly something to worry about. Donnie Darko is pretty much teh wild card, as it could go either way depending on what he shows. To be honest I'm not too optimistic here. Still Darko and Swift coming behind him, is better than many teams can claim.
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