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Default Re: #1 seed Western Conference 2007-2008 According to ISH

Originally Posted by jasonterry
yeah Houston is certainly better personnel-wise, but who knows how good they will actually be as a team. they certainly have a better collection of players than dallas, but it remains to be seen if they will have the great chemistry that dallas and san antonio have.

yeh, like i said, im as excited as any houston fan with what the rockets front office has accomplished. until they play a season together tho, its all just on paper. i believe we deserve the 4 seed right now. san antonio, dallas, and phoenix have not lost any key players and have been better then us the past few years. so until we can prove something on the court, it would be silly to rank us higher then them.

now hopefully come all-star break..we can be legitimately bumped up a few spots
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