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Originally Posted by wally_world
if A.I was Andre Iguodala then say yes! but not for Maggette or Livingston... Maybe Mobley...

thas dumb...i love iggys game but hes yet to show he can be an effective scorer...and if you can get a guy who avg 33 and 8 dimes (obviously they would drop if he comes to the clips but he has the ability to put up big numbers) then you have to consider he could be the piece missing to win a championship. people think hes gonna destroy the clips but this guy is a winner and he is a pure scorer...someting the clips lack...and he would fit well into a half court offense...with him they would very well have one of the best starting 5's in the league

SF:Mobley/Tim Thomas

not bad at all...not sure if hes worth giving up livingston though
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