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Default Re: Is this finally the year that T-Mac and Yao get out of the first round?

How many years have yall Rockets' fans been saying "That was last year, we are for real this year!"?

Quoted your very own post. INSANITY bolded for clarity.

New year, same arguments (more like excuses), same result.

Yall are insane.

Originally Posted by TMac&Luther
You know why you heard that last year bud, because it was LAST YEAR. Houston closed every weakness they had last year. Utah won, because Houston's lack of a PF and lack of depth, two areas Houston focussed on.......what the hell did Utah do this summer to counter act that......

Houston also pick up a coach that runs a system that better suits their personel. Houston's spacing is going to be much improved this year, they will space teams out and their sharp shooters, will be deadly this year.

Honestly I don't see Utah that much of a threat, now go ahead and tell me how I said that last year..... Utah fans really forget they caught Yao coming back from injury, Yao clearly wasn't 100% and certainly wasn't playing the MVP form he was playing before the knee injury.

Something else about Yao, every single year YAO gets better, I don't expect that to change this year either. This is the year Yao comes into his own and reaches his full potential.
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