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Default Re: Let's talk about LeBron with a consistent jumper...what would it do for his game?

Originally Posted by Richie2k6
How many players have ever averaged 34/8? The 34 might happen at some point in his career, but I don't see the 8 assists happening. Eventually he will have a good point guard so he doesn't have to be a playmaker. I see him putting up 30/7/5 in his prime when he gets a solid playmaking point guard. 8.5? A bit of a push.

I'm not a LeBron homer, but when I watch Cleveland games (which I do quite often), his teammates seriously drop the pass or miss wide open shots Lebron creates for them at least 10 times a game.

Imagine if he was paired with a deadly shooter or TRUE dominant big man. Adding two more assists on to his current totals isn't out of the question in my book at all (not career totals, but for a season or two).

I think he'll always have the ball in his hands. The Cavs need a John Paxson type PG, not a distributor per se. If they had a PG who could knock down open shots, his APG would go up by one alone.
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