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I hit open jumpers.
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Default Re: Let's talk about LeBron with a consistent jumper...what would it do for his game?

Originally Posted by 2LeTTeRS KD
when people assume he'd get that much better I get confused. Did Vince get much better as he got a better J? Jordan? Kobe? T Mac? Their percentages and stats stayed about the same. Alot of them stopped attacking the basket as much and fall in love with their J when their slashing ability and athleticism is what got them in the league. And especially for all the talk about how bad of a shooter Bron is, he shoots as good from 3 as the other premier swingmen, while shooting a better percentage overall.

With the specimen LeBron is you have to think do you prefer him to be 20-25 ft from the basket shooting jumpers or shooting from 10 ft and in? Me personally I prefer the close buckets and honestly don't want LeBron to ever take more than the 4 3s a game he took this year. He's most effective either slashing to the basket or using his 250 lb frame to overpower and outquick defenders than trying to shoot over them.

Yes I'm sure everyone but the most casual fans would prefer a 10 footer to a 25 footer, but the point is, the THREAT of a 25 footer makes it EASIER for lebron to get the 10 footer in the first place.

Watch the 07 finals, and you'll see bowen practically leaving Lebron wide open at the top of the key, basically daring him to take the open J. Good strategy by Pop, because Bron's jumper was not falling AT ALL, no matter how open he was. Yes, I hate the fact that guys like Vince and Tmac fall in love with their jumpers as much as you do, but they take CONTESTED jumpers from 20 feet.

Obviously, if a 20 footer and a 10 footer are both contested, you're gonna take the 10 footer, right? But what's happening is that Bowen is getting tired of beaten off the dribble and dunked on, so he's camping in the paint with Duncan and Elson, so that if Bron tries to penetrate and lay it up or something, his **** gets swatted into the third row. Now if Lebron could actually make those open 20 footers, that would obviously not be the case and he can drive in all he wants.
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