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Default Re: Who Will Make Their First All-Star Game?

Originally Posted by luigi>mario
Just curious, why will Paul beat Williams? They are pretty close to each other, and anyone can argue that one is better than the other, but I think Williams has the upper hand now after the playoffs. What factors do you see that will put CP3 in?
Paul has been playing on a slow-paced team with absolutely no shooters. Next year he will have 2 shooters enabling him to have space which we haven't seen him play with before. He will explode next year. I think his offensive arsenal is more versatile than Deron's and his defense is underrated. Deron certainly had a great season and playoffs, but I will pick Paul for next year, not to mention the game is in New Orleans.

I know stats aren't everything but the fact that Deron had 5 points less PER last year suggests he didn't really break ahead.
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