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Default Re: Team USA takes on Uruguay tonight: Game Thread

Originally Posted by RedBlackAttack
From everything that I have heard, the coaches have loved the attitude and intensity that LeBron has brought to this team. Also, it is clear when watching the games that these guys love playing with each other. Melo was on his feet cheering when Bron was going off last night.

Who cares what he says in interviews? It is showing on the court just how much his teammates love playing with him. It has been reported by various sources how impressed the coaches are with him.

Yet, because he said something in an interview, you think he is disrespectful to the other players on the team? There are a lot of leaders on this team. LeBron is one of them. Personally, I think it is a good sign that he is not simply deferring to the veterans. I'm sure JKidd thinks he is the leader. Kobe thinks he is the leader. Melo thinks he is the leader.

If you have four or five 'leaders' on the court, I don't see how that can be a bad thing.

Lebron's been MUUCH better this tourny compared to last year, and I never said guys wouldn't enjoy playing with him and ofcourse Melo celebrated with him they're great friends. I even doubt anybody on the team heard his little claim of leadership. But its simply a cocky thing to say. I think its a great thing he's not simply deferring to the veterans, but he's not their leader and him saying so is him buying into his own hype or..him trying to create some for himself. It was just an unnecessary thing to say, and it would have been cocky and unnecessary for anybody to say it whether it be Melo/Kobe/or even Kidd. I think its obvious Lebron is one of the leaders of the team, and it would've been obvious had he not made that stupid false declaration. It's like he needs to feed his ego.
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