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Default How would Bobby Knight fare as an NBA coach?

Would his strongarming "my way or the highway" tactics succeed in the NBA? Not that he would ever consider such a move, but it's still fun to sit back and think about what he could accomplish as an NBA coach. What kind of team would he be a good fit for? I think a young team (i.e. Atlanta, Charlotte, etc) who has college age guys that are still relatively raw could possibly work. For the most part, they are still eager to learn and have tons of prove On the flip side, though, the losing would wear him down immensely and he could potentially flip his lid a time or two. A team of veterans would do more winning, but his tactics might offend some of the established vets, who feel like they don't need any real coaching--just a figurehead on the sidelines. A team with high salary guys are less likely to put up with the shenanigans of someone making much less money than them.

Overall, as Rick Pitino, Mike Montgomery, and many other coaches have discovered, college is the ideal atmosphere for certain types. Bobby Knight during his heyday was essentially the KING at Indiana. That's the way he likes it. He had the final say in all matters, and few were brave enough to challenge him. In the NBA, coaches are hired to be fired, players are more set in their ways, and although they might respect his track record (something important to keep in mind), they would grow weary of his long practices and inability to pace the team through a long regular season.

I would have my doubts how Bobby Knight or a Bobby Knight-type would fare. What does ISH think?
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