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Default Re: Team USA takes on Uruguay tonight: Game Thread

Originally Posted by IGOTGAME
Well because USA beat an uninspired Argentian team once that means they will always beat them...USA will win tommorrow but Argentinas style of play will point out some flaws in team USA...

Well Argentina beat the US when it mattered in the gold medal game...But your right recently USA is money in those Bronze medal games ..

Then when they get every1 back its gonna be a close argument was dont take this seriously for the same reasons Scola said..All the teams we played play like European teams, thats why they dont give us truble..No one has slowed the game down and executed an offense, or even tried to exploit us in the pick and roll all tourney..

I say US by 17-20...they pull away late after a surprisingly close 2 1/2 quarters...

Scola also puts in 20 and 10,
SO THE Excuse is that they were uninspired? so was the US team inspiried?
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