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Default Re: NBA Live 08 ratings

Originally Posted by skillswithaz
goddamnit people. Overall rankings are useless. This is why Madden is so much better than Live. Because in Madden, you're ranked high if you're good at your position. In NBA Live, you're ranked high if you're an overall good player.

One dimensional players will not be getting love. Aka, players like Kevin Martin, Leandro Barbosa, TJ Ford, Carlos Boozer, Melo, Okafor, Camby, Crawford...

Some players might be overrated but you have to look at the whole picture. Larry Hughes is a talented scorer, very athletic, good rebounder for a guard, average passer, and a decent stealer. Don't forget about his 22p/6rb/5as/3stl season he had 2 years ago. Even last year 15/4/4 is respectable.
PSH gtfo now, just go!

His 15 4 and 4 if it is even that high is on 40% shooting. As the 2nd almost 3rd option.

He sucks.
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