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Originally Posted by yeahwhathesaid
i rep the courts at lifetime fitness center. Im 6'5 with a 8'6 reach and i have a 7'0 wingspan. My vertical is 42 inches and i am ranked 24th overall in the class of 2008. I am the best basketball player in this message board. I can dunk with ease and my best dunk is a between the leg with reverse dunk.

You're full of shyt little boy, I know a BS artist when I read one..quit talkin..

best player on this message board, you make me laugh...I'd put you over my knee and spank yo b!tch a$$ any day of the week on the hardwood...just bring it boy...anytime

a real baller

btw I guarantee those stats ain't you, you are probably the manager of that team you lil beyotch
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