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Default Re: 7'1" Georgios Papagiannis - 2016 NBA #1 Draft Pick

This guys looks really good. I don't get why people are hating on him. I watched more videos on him and I can see he can definitely be a solid NBA player, or even better depending on how he adjusts to the NBA game.

He has long arms, and if he were to join the NBA, perhaps the longest in the league followed by Giannis. That is a HUGE factor, as it could tremendously make his post game unguardable if he can develop a good post game.

He can run the floor and is mobile. Most bigs cannot actually run the floor, and those that can are actually 4s that play the 5.

I might get bashed for this, but he reminds me of a raw Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

It all depends though how well he develops. He needs to come to the NBA and not start overseas. But I can tell he is more interested in the NBA anyways.

I know he is only 17, but he needs to get in NBA shape starting now if he plans to do anything in the NBA.
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