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Default Re: New to ISH.... rockets fan

Originally Posted by mattevans11
hey whats up my fellow rocket fans.

I have been watching the FIBA and am quite impressed with Scola's inside out game. He seems to be Chuck Hayes with skill. It seems as though he should be able to put up some great numbers playing third fiddle to the big two.

Also the signing of Stevie Franchise is not spoke up much when people talk about the free agent signings of the summer. He was the face of the franchise before Yao came in the picture. I think he is ready to fill a role in this stage of his career and could wind up being a very good role player for the Rockets.

Add in Bonzi with a coach that he has once thrived under and the squad is definitely much improved and i really think they might have a chance to, dare i say, bring a ring......

anyways just wanted to say whats up and see what you think about the thought i have been having

yea it's stuff we've pretty much been talking about this whole off season, (except for scola) but welcome to ISH and the Rockets Forum.
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