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Default Re: Sneaker Prices Out of Control

Originally Posted by eliteballer

I was watching this and the guy goes "$125, at it's price point you really can't go wrong" Why are we being charged these amounts for a bunch of plastic mass produced in a factory that cost 5 bucks to manufacture?

I see these "Jordan retros" come out every once in a while going for 170 Limiting quantity on decades old shoes to give off the image that they are some exclusive commodity like a rare painting or some sh!t...

It's just ridiculous that every halfway decent performance bball sneaker is coming out for 140+ bucks when these things are no harder or more expensive to make than box of tissues.

You don't understand biness bruh.

This is actually one of the most ignorant poasts in history.

(And for one, it doesn't cost 5$ to "make " a pair. It's more)

TOTAL FIXED COSTS is a term you should google.

Advertising, marketing, shipping, paying American employees "real" money , paying athletes hundreds of millions a year for endorsement.

Giving away THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS of shoes, gear, to pro athletes and college teams.

IT DOESNT COST 5$ to "make" a pair of shoes. A business has lots of other costs to absorb than just the cheap labor and cheap materials.

Learn some real biness. Smh. Smh. Smh.

It's just like saying you own a trucking conpany and all you gotta do is pay your drivers 20$/hr. And it would only cost you the 80 hours of labor for the driver I drive from la to New York.

And not pay for your employers meals, gas, hotel , the 200k for the semi and thousands of dollars of year maintenance on semi. Licensing. Etc

Or like thinking when you crop 10 ps all 20,000 is profit.

Not taking total cost of initial 20,000 lights, ventilation , filter investment.

Mortgage payment every month.

Light bill every month

Water bill every month.

Nutrients every crop.

Labor costs to pay trimmers. Etc. etc. etc.


Learn some business.


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