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Default Re: Anyone get bored shooting around alone?

Originally Posted by NBAplayoffs2001
My handles are very horrid. I'm known at my gym as a pass/shooter on offense. I don't dribble more than 5 times. Layups are actually my weakest part of my game.

This doesn't happen everyday though. Usually I hit my 3 point at a 50% clip while shooting around. Yesterday I just shot way better than I usually do.

I'm just messin' It is nice when you have a good day at the gym.

I tried playing that BIRD game yesterday and got cocky and lost. I played it like Bird gets 2 points for every miss and I get 1 point for every make and we play to 21.

I was up 20 to 14 and got cocky and started taking like high speed "game" shots like behind the ball go to my left and pullup, and missed 4 in a row and lost 22-21 lol.
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