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Learning to shoot layups
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Any links to the above comments?

I can't find anything about DJ being on the block or Jay Williams.

Just speculation?

What IS going to happen to this team?

It seems that most of the free agents that could help are gone.

LeBron asked for Z and got him.
Now he is asking for Gooden.

What Bron wants...he gets.

Two improvements occurred last year. Jones finally started to penetrate and occasionally put up a jumper within the 3 Pt line, and Marshall also learned to go to the basket instead of standing on the perimeter.

If nothing else occurs, at least these two players have learned to improve their game. With another year with the team they should be able to show more of their talents.

Still need a backup center and experienced point guard, preferably one that can hit an occasional shot.

It seems that a sign and trade or just a plain trade is the only movement that will occur this year.

I DO think that Ferry will not stand pat and some big deal will occur before the start of the season.
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