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Default Re: New NBA 2k8 Article (The Game = 80% Complete)

Originally Posted by El Kabong
I hope they change some of the offseason stuff. Like during the offseason you couldn't do trades because it would say you need 12 people on a roster. Sometimes if I had multiple draft picks, i'd trade them for a higher one, but you can't do that on 2k7 because of the above mentioned error.

Is this coming out on PS2? I'm hoping to get a 360 soon, but I may not.
yeah, the association needs a lot of work, thats the only think that live has on 2k.
dirk and carter sign with the bobcats for the mle and okafor ends up getting 10mins off the bench.
trading for draft picks is way too easy, you can get a top pick for an old guy with a 75 rating.
and the draft/scouting process sucks. positions are assigned by height and half the players are slow as ****. it would be nice if they showed their college/euro stats and maybe tell us how far they got their team.
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