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Default Re: How do you get Hops?

Originally Posted by oarabbus
if you for REAL want to get hops: study this, and study it well. Half assing it probably won't help you much, but if you really follow the workout plans detailed here, it will increase your vert considerably. Well, I'm doing a strength training regiment right now which isn't geared towards vert. but when I get into the shape I want to be in, I'm going to follow the vert jump bible (caution: long):

this program actually helped me switch from a one leg jumper to a two legged jumper. probably same vert but I could finally dunk with two hands.

Unfortunately couldnt continue due to a back injury but one thing i noticed was what they considered to be a "novice" athlete was by and large a much better athlete than the average basketball player. If you don't read the whole document you will seriously mess your body up. I did the beginner program and even though it didn't make me Zach LaVine, it did make me more explosive and my end to end speed increased drastically. But it is not for everyone.

off-hand, you need a good balance of explosiveness, balance, core strength and really good mobility in your ankles and hips. Also need to be in really good shape. if you're 20+% body fat. most high flyers are under 10% body fat, either from genetics or from really good work in the gym+strict diet.
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