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Originally Posted by KWALI
Is that career? anyhow....Judging someone as a PG is purely a offensive argument.....defense is not a role that affects your skill or ability as a PG only as a complete player.......I don't wanna go through all that but you should understand that PG's QB teh offense everthing else they do is a a basketball skill just like any other player. SO someon can be a better rebounder, athlete, defender even scorer (although that is related) and still not be a better PG.

So PG wise STOCKTON is better....HOwever GP is teh better overall player and regularly dominated STOCKTON....I shoudln't say Regularly but enough to show he was superior when they matched up mano a mano as a player.
I think that is more of..."Pure PG"

A "Pure PG" all he needs to is be able to pass basically and shoot high %s when he tries to score...

But PG can be different...
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