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Default Re: How do you get Hops?

According to Kelly Bagget, author of higherfastersports, power, which is an expression of vertical leap, is a byproduct of speed and strength.

So naturally, it'd be wise to increase both.

The methodology of the former is through plyometric work.

The methodology of the latter through strength.

So one can program their regime to include hill sprints, skip to my lous, bounds, depth jumps while concurrently loading up on heavier deadlifts, heavier front squats, clean and presses, heavier squats.

And disregard the ankle weights altogether, for there's an inkling that it has deleterious effects on the tendons of the ankle.

And to apply the former knowledge to its full explosive fruition, one should be wary of stretching the flexors, quads, glutes, and even perfecting the form of the penultimate jump, practiced by high jumpers, which can be viewed on youtube.
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