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Default Re: How do you get Hops?

1. If you can barely lay the ball over a 9.5 foot rim, then it might not happen.

2. If it's to improve your game, honestly I wouldn't do it. There is a huge difference in dunking for show and dunking in a game. And return on investment just isn't that high.

3. Like most people have said, it's about your power production. Squats with an emphasis on speed is probably the best bang for your buck "exercise". Any form of jumping is good, but be careful not to overdo it. It's easy to overstress your body with plyo training, especially jumping because you wont feel it until later. I personally would avoid box jumps though, it's more of a hip flexion exercise unless your landing upright, in which it just becomes more dangerous than a typical vert jump.

4. Finally, get your form down. That will help more than anything else.
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