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I really wish we would trade Wally. I just don't have a good feel about him with this team. Having him and Paul is only going to stunt the development of Green and Jefferson. I can live with keeping or tradin Pierce. I'm also still leerly of if we have a point guard who can get us over the hump. I'm not sold on West or Greene and I know that both are too young and inexperienced to win big with this year. I would like to see us trade for an talented and experienced but still relatively young PG like Mo Williams who is a little more battle tested but young enough that he won't out grow the youngsters by the time that they mature. I also think that we need an imposing presence at center. I could live with a SheldonWilliams/Perkins/Jones three headed center if we use Al and Gomes correctly. I see it like this:

PG: Mo Williams/Greene
2G: Green/Allen
SF: Pierce/Allen/Gomes
PF: Jefferson/Gomes/Williams
C: Perk/WIlliams/Jones
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