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Originally Posted by geeWiz15
Yeah, when you're a PG, passing doesn't matter, right Glove?

If you're "a better passer", which Stockton was by a MILE (think Marbury vs. Kidd) that can make up for an inability to guard taller players, less scoring ability, and... that's it.

Stockton was more clutch, a much better passer, much more careful with the ball, a much better shooter, much more efficient, got more steals... but most importantly of all, he could make everyone else on the floor a star. Payton never did this. Payton got 8 assists the same way Marbury got 8 assists: by dominating the ball until he found someone in scoring position. Stockton got his ridiculous assist numbers by truly igniting the offense, not just by having the ball in his hands all the time, but by truly having eyes in the back of his head and a sixth sense for setting up teammates.
Passing does matter...It is the most important thing for a PG....

But does defense not matter? Does scoring not matter?

Defense and Scoring are 2 VERY important categories no matter what position...

Passing is important than both of them individually, but both of them combined?

And lets not forget rebounding...Payton was a MUCH better rebounder than Stockton...Stockton's best was 3.3rpg, while Payton's best was 6.5rpg...

Both players have had similar team success, and both have been VERY DURABLE...(If anyone has the edge in durability, its Payton)

Payton has been less TO Prone...Important for a PG...

But it really seems like Passing is the only advantage for Stockton (And shooting if you want to count that)
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