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no no no you dont understand Timmeh? idk how old you are? BUT if you dont remember the Hornets played here a long time ago? and they sold out the old coliseum every night when they had larry johnson, rice, mourning until word got out about the team being moved.

many of the poeple of charlotte turned their backs to the thought of a new team in charlotte. Heck they didnt want the new arena to be built, which the taxpayers are paying for and they are not too happy about.

dont give me that Sh*t about them just starting, thats a sh*t excuse. the fans base is here to be taken but why would people want to be fans of this team?

and another my post, you offer wallace a deal knowing you arnt gonna get him but you do it as a PR move. let the local and national media know you are willing to make a move. give the fans something to talk about

BACK TO THE ORIGIN OF THE POST: Harrington sucks. I think this story made the back page of the Charlotte Observer in a blurb WHY? cause no one cares and Othella Harrington.
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