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I thought the Warriors were going to deal their core away? These guys have done nothing for this franchise except costing it millions of dollars. Why can't they trade Murphy and Pietrus for Al Harrington like previously reported. Then trade Davis for Andre Miller, Ruben Patterson, and a 1st round pick. Lastly, trade Dunleavy, Carbarkapa, Taft, and Owens (trade would have to happen mid-August) for Magloire and Illysova. This trade is the only way they could get Magloire due to Dunleavy having the BYC clause in his contract. They would be in a good cap sitiuation and would become more defensive oriented. They could also sign a shooter or two, such as Gansey, Jacoubsen, Van Horn, or Pittsnogle to fill out the roster. They would then have a lineup looking like this.
SF- Harrington, Jacoubsen (shooter), Illysova (Patterson is in final year and would be realeased)
PF- Diogu, Bierdens
C- Magloire, Foyle, O'Bryant
PG- Miller, McCleod
SG- Richardson, Ellis, Brown

This would look alot better than the roster they have now. This would allow them to play their young core and make Diogu the second scoring option. Miller would distribute the ball better than Davis and can throw the lob pass to Richardson consistently. Harrington would add a top-notch defender and versatility. All of these trades work under the new collective bargaining agreement, and would save major cap room. This roster still lacks veterans, but they can acquire them with their mid-level. This team would be much better next year. They could also get a new coach like Rick Adleman, who was there before, but is the best coach on the market. He could really incorporate Diogu (the real deal) into the offense, and brings major playoff experience. He also can coach an offensive team like Sacramento and a defensive team like Portland. This team played alot better when they played their young talent, despite it being the end of the season. If the Warriors come into next season with near the same roster, then it will be their 13th straight year of sitting home during mid-April. What do you guys think of these trades and my assessments?
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