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Default Re: NBA Live vs. NBA 2K

The games arenít even out yet, and look at the people who already not only have an opinion on this, but have a heavily biased opinion towards one extreme. This indicates a clear lack of reasoning, understanding, and intelligence. Not shocking considering the age and maturity level of the majority of the kiddies here.

Every single complaint I have -ever- seen about the NBA Live series can easily be solved by changing the settings of the game, excluding the whole ďdunking through the backboardĒ thing, (which 2K ďsolvesĒ by having players just brick the ball off of the underside of the rim). ďThat game is so awful, Steve Nash dunks in it!Ē Change Steve Nashís dunk rating to a 0, suddenly he doesnít dunk any more. Isnít that amazing? But this is too much work for the mentally challenged children who are offended by the idea of making any sort of effort towards anything at all. All hail the mighty short attention span and lack of effort to solve a problem on your own. If you donít like the rosters, change them. If you donít like the default settings, change them. If you donít like where the buttons are, change them. If you donít like the music that comes with it, change it. But no, what -really- ends up happening is when thereís one tiny thing you donít like in a game that youíre already biased against, that game is suddenly the worst game ever. You donít need facts, you donít need experience, you donít need any information to back up your personal bias, that game just sucks, right? Mmhmm.

I personally do not like console gaming. I donít like sitting on my couch in front of the TV all of the time, Iím just not a couch potato. If I were one of the larger retarded meatheads on this board, Iím sure I would be saying things like, ďconsoles are for n00bsĒ or something similar, but thatís just not the case. Consoles arenít for morons, they just donít fit in with the way I prefer to play. The few video games I do play, I play on my PC. If the 2K series put their game out on the PC, Iíd buy it at the same time I bought Live and would play and tweak both of them until they were both set up correctly, then play the hell out it. One is only SUBJECTIVELY better than the other. If you cannot comprehend this, you probably never will. People like that remind me of the dude from Pure Pwnage (

To the original poster and his alt: A vote on which game is the better game wonít achieve the results youíre looking for. Youíre only going to get uninformed, biased and baseless opinions. If you want to know which game is the better game, read the reviews, find out which is geared more towards the style of basketball you like to play, and go play both of them when they come out. If you are of the mind that ďI donít need to play Live to know itís gonna suckĒ, well, we donít need to see your IQ test results to know that youíre a f*cking idiot either. People like this are absolutely worthless, donít even waste your time with them, and unfortunately threads like this dredge them up. Each game brings good things to the table, and each game has its flaws. The key is finding which game suits your style of play better, and tweaking the settings to minimize the flaws. If you think you canít set NBA Live up to be a realistic simulation, youíre wrong. If you think you canít set NBA 2K up to be an NBA Jam inspired, arcade style dunk and three point festival, youíre wrong.

Me, I'll be stuck with NBA Live whether I like it or not. If I don't like the settings, I change them. if I don't like the ratings, I change them. If I don't like the way some of the textures in the game or the players look, I snoop around and find textures to replace them with. Playing NBA Live on my system, after it's all set up, is -nothing- like playing either game directly on a console, directly out of the box. I like my game to be more of a simulation, I prefer realism. I understand that game companies have to cater towards a general audience, not to my specific requirements. Games are designed with the lowest common denominator audience in mind. If you pop a game in and don't need to change a single thing, congratulations, -you- are the lowest common denominator.
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