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Default Re: NBA Live vs. NBA 2K

blah blah blah, you said absolutely nothing. Thats always the excuse for NBA Live, "You can always change the setting if you don't like it." Well guess what, you shouldn't have to mess with every single slider just to get some realism into the game. With NBA 2K, it plays great out the box. Of course you can change the sliders to make it play even better but the whole point is that you don't even have to do that to enjoy the game. Just pop in the disc and play.

2K could have easily half assed like EA to where you have to change the sliders in order to have a playable game but chose not to. They made it well enough that you can play it right out the box without much customization. While with NBA Live, you have to change up every single slider just to have a somewhat enjoyable game and it still doesn't match the gameplay of 2k (on default). Change the 2k sliders/settings like you do with NBA Live and it's not even a competition anymore. Point being, 2k was already a great game out of the box while NBA Live needs a complete tune up. Which game is better again?
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