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Default Re: NBA Live vs. NBA 2K

NBA 2k series was the absolute king of basketball games until 2004. That was when Live finally stepped their game up. You guys keep proclaiming 2k as the best, but Live has removed itself from the insane, players flying everywhere ... "loosey goosey" / arcade like feel it had pre-2004. They mo-capped to players playing. 2k is great, don't get me wrong. The specialized moves are crazy ... but Live isn't as bad as yall make it out to be. The NBA game IS FAST. People say 2k is a better sim cause its slower. MYTH. NBA make look slow at times on TV, but trust in person, the game is the fastest one there is ... everything happens in a blink of an eye. Live captures that sim, strategizing feel, while also feeling like NBA basketball. Where players can take over, in almost like a pick up game type vibe while dominating an NBA game. In my personal opinion, the way the players move, how fast they are, and the sim mode of the 2k series gives a way more accurate feel to COLLEGE BASKETBALL then it does NBA. There is more strategy to NCAA bball, because you don't have as many players readily available that you can just cut loose and let them do their thing. The college game is micr-managed by a coach. In the NBA you're more free. So not only does Live have easily the best graphics of the bunch, it's feel it more of that of an NBA game. It's just ashame they can't combine that with 2k's insane amount of signature moves for players. Then it would be the best BBALL game of all-time.
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