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Originally Posted by Real Men Wear Green
All you said was that 'Toine's height makes it easier, which shows how dumb you are. Antoine doesn't shppt threes with a hand in his face. Not even in his Celtic chucker days. Defenses wanted him to take all of those threes so they sagged back to tempt him into taking them. Height is an advantage for Dirk but for Antoine when it came to shooting threes it didn't matter. Try to stop being stupid, please.

You are one of the stupidest posters here...

So your saying teams didn't play defense on Antoine Walker, and just let him shoot them...They just stepped back, and let Walker be all open and not put any pressure on him on the 3?

Are you serious?

So teams made no effort to even play a little defense on Walker's 3s...They just let him shoot un pressured 3s right?

Your a joke

Of course they contested...They somewhat made him shoot it, but that doesn't mean they just watched him...They still tried to contest it...

Its common sense...You won't understand, I am telling you...
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