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Originally Posted by Glove_20
SixerFan03 typed a message saying

"Payton was still a good 3-point shooter"

They I replied to it, and said...

And you said, Payton was a "good" 3pt shooter.....

I was saying what SixersFan03 said...I was quoting him, thats why the "good" was in quotation marks...And next sentence, guess what, I say that Payton is average to above average...
Careful about tripping over your own feet while you do all that backpedaling, we'd hate to have you fall and hurt your thick skull.
Teams just don't stand their just "watching" Walker shoot it...They still "try" to play some D...
Excessive usage of quotation marks will not make your glaring, blatant lack of knowledge any less vivid. We both know that you know jack **** about Antoine Walker. Anyone that has seen him in action consistently could tell that as well. Why even try to fake knowledge you don't have? This is pathetic, really. Advice: Wait about a week, come up with a new username, and just act like you never had anything to do with any of this.
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