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Originally Posted by Real Men Wear Green
I could have said more, and still can. But why? You're obviously an idiot. It's impossible for you to see any of GP's flaws with your lips so firmly glued to his ass. I simply pointed out your stupidity for others to view and note.
Its your stupidity they see...

Whos the one who said...2.7rpg is average for a PG?

That was you

Whos the one who said "You should at least read your own bull**** before you post fresh bull****."

And got a reply back that I was correct...And was talking bout what someone else said...

Who is the one who starts another topic in Payton vs. Kidd thread, I mean, ok a couple of posts on it, but this much?

Whos the one that thinks, that teams just watch Walker shoot 3s and don't play ANY DEFENSE at all...YOU

Whos the one that was calling me an idiot when I said that it is easier for tall shooters to shoot because of their height...YOU

You did a good job proving how stupid you are
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