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Originally Posted by el gringos
Kevon Looney UCLA is a beast. But in the nba his ceiling is much much higher at SF

Is he an nba sf or pf? Always hard to judge a guys ability playing a completely different role in NCAA than he will at the NBA level. If he is a small forward I think he is a top 3-5 pick

I don't think he's a SF. I think he's an undersized PF, and he'll need to improve his jumper a ton to stick. I'm not a huge fan as an NBA prospect, although I do really like his motor, and he's got a unique frame because of the high shoulders and long arms.

Best case for him would be Draymon Green, and or Paul Milsap. But both of those guys turned themselves into really good three point threats.

Green is a defensive swiss army knife who plays bigger, which might be easier for Looney. And Milsap is a nightmare along the baseline on offense. Beating bigger guys off the bounce, or cutting around them off the ball. Plus he can catch and shoot. Looney has a little of that off the bounce to his game, and he's got the fluid body movement. But like I said, both of those guys can spread the floor by shooting the three.
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