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When you are taking shots away from KG. Yes it makes sense. I just dont like Wally I guess. He doesnt defend, he is a poor passer, he basically does nothing but shoot. Jason Richardson is also a high percentage chucker. Chucking is just taking shots that arent good for the team(at least to me it is). You can do it at a high percentage, doesnt make it any better for the team.

Well I mean, taking KG shots is one thing if you're shooting low 40s, but not if you're in the upper 40 to 50 percent range. I mean, besides, KG's baskets are not going to be worth more than Wally's. Wally makes a three or a two, is just the same as KG if he were to make a FG or get an and 1. Besides, KG isn't really the type of guy who goes out and scores a lot of points. He always hovers around his 20 point mark and still gets it with Wally's "chucking". And Jason Richardson is shooting 44% while Wally is shooting 48%. That's quite a difference.
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