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OK, I would say C......if they played a few more seasons together it might have been nice. But you have to remember, for T-Mac to become what he has, he left. And for Vince, he didn't want to be here. He would rather play for Jay-Z then play for RB (Rob Babcock). But if he only knew. New GM (Colangelo), new assistant staff, new everything and now everything comes together AFTER he leaves. Does this say anything? So definately C because without those 2 on our roster, our team has become more of a "friendly environment" in some cases. In other cases, T-Mac is good, but with all the back spasms he has had with bad back problems and everything, his game has diminished quite a bit to the point where he has missed more games than played. But good luck to T-Mac in Houston but for Vince, meh, go make a CD like Ron Artest just so that we can break them.

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