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Default Re: Thoughts on Ben Simmons?

Originally Posted by Thorpesaurous
I like him, but don't love him. He lacks the super top end physical specs I expect out of the true top top level prospects. And the skill that can compensate for that is usually either elite level shooting or ball handling, and while he's a very good ball handler for his size, he doesn't seem to be elite at either. He'll play and be a very good pro, because he does do so many things well, and he does seem to have a natural feel for the game, but he's not a guy that I think will completely change the fortunes of a franchise. Even Jabari Parker, who I thought had some upside limitations as a prospect, I like better than Simmons, because of his general scoring chops and more natural size.

The more athletic Diaw comp is a solid call I think.

Yeah, I'd be a little worried about Simmons in the draft. I could see a Michael Beasley situation playing out where he is a weird combo of skills that is difficult to fit on a roster. But Simmons clearly seems to have a better head on his shoulders and better ball skills which makes that less likely.

I do like the Diaw comp tho because I see him as someone who is more effective out of the high post because I don't think he will have the athleticism to break people down off the dribble in the NBA.
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