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Default Re: Have you ever been on fire?

Yeah, I've definitely felt that "in the zone" feeling where it's kind of an out of body experience. Shooting was always my strongest skill so it only took a couple shots to get me going on a good night. Luckily, I had a coach who really gave me a ton of leash because I actually shot a very good percentage from deep and he understood that it really got my confidence going.

There were games where I would heat check from Jimmer range (I'm talking 25+ sometimes) in HS and that would really get me going. I think the furthest I've ever shot it from was my first game back from a knee injury. I was running down the wing on the fastbreak, caught the ball in stride, and just step into a ridiculously deep 3. I honestly didn't even know where the 3 point line was when the ball came off my hand. After it went in I realized I was a good 30 feet out so I was really happy I made it or else I'd look pretty damn foolish.
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