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Default Re: Have you ever been on fire?

^It always helped me to picture the ball going in before shooting the ball, but, it has to be a quick mental picture though you can't spend 5 minutes thinking of it going. Ahaha. You have to feel the ball making that sound when it goes in, that crisp swish sound. It's a mental thing, if you can make it once, then there's ways to make it in 50 in a row.

I also suggest starting from corners & have a rack beside you. Corners or on top would be fine.

This is a practice, not a 2 hour process. Just like meditating. Stephen Curry knows best, I'm assuming this is what he does knowing how quick he pulls that shot, there's no way that he and Ray Allen have the same approach in shooting. Ray Allen tends go with a scientific, motion, rhythm, muscle memory approach as to where Curry tends to lean on touch, motion, rhythm & muscle memory.

Steph releases that ball like it's on fire, for a pro, that's ballsy.
Ray Allen shoots it like a gun in a sense, not that Steph doesn't aim, but, you know what I mean

Those are probably terrible analogies, but w/e. lol. I don't know why I went on and went on about that, but that's just to make it clear how I look at things. I've never made 50 straight though. lol wtf, that's Stephen Curry level. I've only made 20-25 straight in practice, by myself, with racks.

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