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Thats not true. The list of players who mysteriously grew inches from their college days to the draft combine is massive. It's been going on for a long time. Hakeem is the furthest back I know of for sure. TJ Ford is a massive example recently. Guy apparently grew 2 inches to be a nice 6'. Yep, TJ sure is 6', so is Iverson.
It most certianly is. There are reporters there every year when they do those measurements. They do it in an open gym if I'm not mistaken.

You're the one who is just estimating how play a player is based on what you see and what you perceive.

The NBA doesn't list exact measurements after that point, but at the camp, they announce a player's exact measurements. After that, they'll list the player rounding up. If you're 6'6 1/2 or 6'6 3/4 in shoes, that gets you 6'7 on your profile on and stuff liket hat.
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