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Default Re: Navarro to miss the group stages [Eurobasket 2007]

Originally Posted by Kebab Stall
Artifical: I've been wondering, are you a Grizzlies fan? I've seen you post in here quite regularly and I've also seen you post in some Grizz related topics in the main forum. But I've also seen you post some other team forums (I think), so I was just wondering if you are a fan of the Grizzlies or do you just have some knowledge about the team?
Grizzlies are one of my favorite teams on the league, but to answer your question I might not be a "complete" Memphis fan.

Thing is, I am a long time NBA fan who for many years didn't rooted for any specific team, though I had some teams I especially liked -and the Vancouver Grizzlies were among them-. Then one day I decided to root for the Sixers simply because they featured my favorite player. Once he got traded, I kind of went back to general NBA fan with favorite teams.

So yes, I post in some other team forums, but I hope I can still post here despite not being a "complete" Grizz fan. Don't get me wrong, I root for the Grizzlies. It's just that it's not the only team I might root for.
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